Why use bamboo?

Because it’s a unique, sustainable, and very strong material that provides a very comfortable ride through its natural dampening qualities.  When compared to creating the high grade aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber used in traditional bikes bamboo has a much lower carbon footprint with many of the same qualities of those traditional materials.  Bamboo’s natural dampening qualities give the bikes a very comfortable ride; great for commuting, recreational road riding, long rides, and touring.

Will it break?

Nope.  Bamboo has a tensile strength as strong as steel and a weight to strength ratio as strong as both steel and graphite.  These bikes are very crash resistant and resilient; especially when compared to thin walled aluminum or carbon bikes.

How much do the bikes weigh?

The total weight of the bike varies depending on the materials of the frame and type of components on the bike.  The frames will always be between two to threekilogram depending on the size of the frame and whether the joints are wrapped with carbon tow or hemp.

What is the warranty?

The bikes are warrantied for two years.

How do they hold up in weather?

The bamboo is heat treated and then coated with exterior urethane and epoxy which creates a seal that protects the bike frame from water and UV damage for the life of the bike.  

How long will a bamboo frame last?

By any standards, they will match any normal ownership of a bike.  These bikes will last thousands of miles, are extremely resilient, and crash resistant.  They can withstand an incredible amount of abuse and still perform safely.  I have personally crashed my bamboo bike several times and have had no cracking or damage or loss of performance to it.

What are the joints made of?

The bamboo tubes on a frame are mitered to fit snugly together, then they are wrapped in epoxy soaked carbon tow or glassfiber or coconut fiber, and finally sanded down to have a nice looking finish. Careful attention is paid to how each joint is wrapped to ensure they are tightly wrapped and there are no voids ensuring strong lasting joints.