“If being asked on how to define success, there is only one answer without hesitation that a successful person is the one who dares to dream big, have faith to follow and realize his dream till the end; and most importantly his dream and action must create respected values for the society and communities.

The journey to “Viet Bamboo Bike”:

This is a story of a young man and his journey to discover and conquer his dream. Born in a humble family, he has a strong belief that a good education background will bring him to success. After graduating from Vietnam’s Polytechnic University, he continued to pursue higher education by getting a Master degree in automative technology in Berlin, Germany, a country known as “a super nation” in automative industry. As a destiny, from a visit to an exhibition and scientific seminars held by his university about bamboo bikes, he became increasingly interested in this subject. Because from the bottom of his heart, he has always wished to return to his home country to contribute to build a future green – clean – fresh society for young generation. Bringing home the idea about bamboo bikes, the desire to turn it into real products has become an obsession that fully occupies his mind. He has silently started to do further research about this material and is really eager to realize the potential hidden in the simple bamboo tree. 

Sharing the dream and getting sincere encouragement from his closiest friends, he has come back to Vietnam and worked out the first steps of his adventurous plan.

With no doubs, the young man in the story represents the creator of “Viet Bamboo bike”. Day by day, together with my dearest friends, we research, test and experiment in a hope of creating the most artistic, perfect, and safest product satisfying the most demanding customers who expect a high degree of uniqueness and creativity. Why? Because we believe that everyone has only one life, we all deserve a wonderful and meaningful life “ECOBIKE – ECOLIFE”.